Customer Commitments

Customer Commitment

Adhering to the spirit of “leading brands and value-added services”, we introduce products using cutting-edge technologies to dealers and customers to meet the needs of customers and provide services of optimal quality. To provide faster and better services, we conduct the dealer satisfaction survey to make continual improvements using the valuable recommendations from dealers.

With dealers and customers as the target, we conduct an online survey every year by notifying the targets through email, as well as expressing gratitude for their long-term support and use of products distributed through SYSAGE.

Results of Dealer Satisfaction Survey

The dealer satisfaction survey comprises three major sections and sub-sections:

  1. Sales Personnel (communication skill/expertise/problem-solving/service enthusiasm)

  2. Sales Assistants (presentation skill/expertise/problem-solving/service enthusiasm)

  3. Engineering Personnel (presentation skill/expertise/problem-solving/service enthusiasm)

After processing, categorization, and statistical analysis of dealer survey data, the results of overall satisfaction in 2020 are as follow:

The results by department of the 2020 customer satisfaction survey are as follows:

Follow-up of the results of dealer satisfaction survey

The satisfaction survey results of different dealers were forwarded to related departments to review and make improvements. The department head reviews the improvements and follows up the outcomes. Satisfaction indicators and respondent feedback are the two major components of the satisfaction survey, and the handling and follow-up actions are described as follows.

  1. 90 points or more: Sales personnel visits the respondents and gives them praise, hoping to maintain further cooperation.

  2. Less than 90 points: Sales personnel, sales supervisors, and engineering supervisors propose corrective action and visit the respondents to listen to their recommendations, plan corrective actions, and follow up the improvements.

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